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The Scottish Community Development Network

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Community Empowerment

Scotland Bill - more here

Scotland's National Action Plan for Human Rights - more here

Current Policies and National drivers  

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The Scottish Community Development Network (SCDN) is a member led organisation, for community workers / community development workers, paid or unpaid, full or part time, from the community, voluntary or public sectors, who support the principles and practice of community development. SCDN is open to anyone with an interest in community development in Scotland.

SCDC - Supporting Communities


SCDC is offering its expanded package of community capacity building support, Supporting Communities, to even more community organisations.

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SCDN Conference and AGM 2014

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Community Development National Occupational Standards Consultation


The Phase One consultation has informed the writing of the revised standards. Download this pdf to read the latest and have your say in the current consultations.

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Community Development Journal Conference

At our (FREE) 50th Anniversary Conference, we seek to bring together scholars, policy makers and practice-based participants and activists with a common interest in the issues of social justice, equality and community.

1 - 3 July 2015 in Edinburgh